gorillas1Today a traveler is likely to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda or gorilla trekking in Uganda, with security concerns ruling out the DRC for all but the most adventurous. The first requirement is always a gorilla safari permit at $1500 in Rwanda or US$600 in Uganda that gets you a one hour with the mountain gorillas, plus the time it takes to hike there and back to your starting point.

Your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda and Uganda is conducted under the supervision of armed park rangers. These will guide you to one of several habituated troops of the mountain gorillas, whose movements are always monitored around the clock.

Some may have a feeling that this makes the safari experience a little somewhat stage-managed. But in reality, this is the only way to spot these wild mountain gorillas. You cannot just move on by yourself mainly because the hilly terrain is dangerous. the apes too can elusive since they are wild animals and the ranger guides are always focused on handling poachers to allow the tourists to blunder off-piste.

It is only through the efforts of the dedicated park rangers that the beleaguered apes survive.

Gorilla treks set out on a daily basis. Ranger guides keep the park headquarters are informed by radio calls of the gorilla whereabouts, so sightings are always guaranteed. After briefing, you will be assigned to a group of up to 8 trekkers, with guides and porters. Each trekking group is allocated to a particular gorilla trekking group. The gorilla trekking, may take anything from 3-9 hours, depending on the location of your troop. If you miss the briefing or show up with a cold which poses a serious health risk to these apes you will be turned away.