Looking For an Encounter with Chimpanzees? One Place For You Kibale National Park

>>>>Looking For an Encounter with Chimpanzees? One Place For You Kibale National Park

Looking For an Encounter with Chimpanzees? One Place For You Kibale National Park

Looking For an Encounter with Chimpanzees? One Word to You Kibale!!

Have you been looking for a stunning encounter with man’s closest wild relatives? Well, you can now officially call off the search for a befitting destination for this encounter, take a seat and enjoy a hot cup of coffee because I have got you covered with this Uganda safari to Kibale National Park Uganda. Located in Uganda which is found in the East African region on the African continent on the geographical co-ordinates of 00o30’ N 30o24’ E. Getting to Kibale National Park shouldn’t be a hustle because it lies only about 312 km or a 4-5-hour drive from Kampala city Uganda’s capital in the western district of Kibale. Kibale national park is bordered by Queen Elizabeth National Park in the south, Kasese, and Kabarole district in the west and the rest of Kamwenge district in the east and parts of Rugombe Sub County in the north. Kibale National Park is located in areas that are covering the rift valley floor and the plateau areas on the eastern escarpment of the western arm of the great east African rift valley. The highest point of Kibaale national park is found in the north at an elevation of 1,590m while its lowest elevation is 1,100m located on the rift valley basin.

How did Kibale get to where it is today?

It has been a journey of roses for Kibale to get where it is today but rather a long gruesome journey that has involved a lot of pain sticking work and sacrifices from various stakeholders in Kibale national park. Conservation in Kibale began in 1932 when the Imperial British government designated it as a forest reserve. The forest reserve faced a constant threat as the local communities around it degraded the reserve as various tree species were cut down for timber and firewood and also creation of land for agriculture, this was mainly due to population explosion in the local communities around the park. In 1993, the government of Uganda was forced to designate Kibale reserve a national park to further protect the remaining forest that habituates a wide range of biodiversity. As of today, Kibaale national park conserves about 795sqkm of both savannah and tropical forest land.

What awaits you on a visit to Kibale National Park?

great blue turacoDuring your Uganda wildlife safari to Kibale National Park you will discover that This park also forms a 180km long corridor that extends to join Queen Elizabeth national park from the Ishasha sector hence forming a migratory route which allows some of the animals to migrate between these two parks hence contributing to the 70 mammal species that are found here. The biggest Uganda safari attractions in Kibale national  park that you should be eager to meet when you a Uganda safari tour here is the spectacular humans of the wild- the chimpanzees as they will stun with their ability to show affection to each other just as humans do with acts such as hugs, kisses, parts on the back and incredibly human-like bursts of laughter these guys make when they get excited. If you are wondering how and why they can do all these, well that’s simply because we share 99% of DNA with these wild dwellers, now how cool is that?  Other tourist attractions in Kibale national park you should be on a  lookout for include colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, vervet monkeys and many more, its therefore a no brainer if you’re in love with  primates, this is the safari Uganda you need to give you the best opportunity to have an encounter with several of these primates. If you thought that this is all that Kibale National Park can offer, well am sorry to disappoint you, because visiting Kibale can only be likened to opening a Pandora’s box because there is always a chance for a good surprise hence a tour Uganda to Kibale National Park will surprise you with several other Uganda safari attractions here such as bush elephants, cape buffaloes, African golden cats, Civets and Mongoose. A birder can also comfortably make a Uganda tour to Kibale and he or she will be dumbfounded as a kid in a candy store given the possibility of sighting several of the over 350 bird species that Kibale national park has in its backyard. Kibale Forest National Park has everyone in mind because even Botanists and Lepidopterists shouldn’t shy away from making this tours Uganda to Kibale because Kibale has got something special for them with over 350 tree species, 200 butterflies species for them to see. Even cultural fanatics haven’t been spared by Kibale because just at the peripherals of this great African paradise are two cultural tribes of people that is the Batooro and Bakiga communities for them to visit and interact with.

Now with all these Uganda safari attractions in Kibale national park, you can expect a visit Uganda experience to Kibale Forest National Park to be a fun fare event only related to a child’s visit to Disney land given the numerous Uganda safari activities in Kibale national park you can engage in. some of these activities include an epic Uganda chimpanzee safari given the 5000 chimpanzees that await you on this Uganda wildlife tour to Kibale. Other tourist activities in Kibale Park for you to engage in include a Uganda birding safari in order to give you unlimited access to magnificent sightings of several of the 350 bird species with the great blue turaco and African green breasted pitta being the highlight of a bird-watching Uganda safari trip to Kibale national park. Because Kibale is such a beautiful place to be with numerous marvellous Uganda safari tourist activities for you to engage in, you will definitely need a place to make an overnight stay in Kibale in order to give yourself a better chance to experience Kibale’s beauty and splendour to the fullest. If this is your view point as well, then you should not worry a lot because there are a lot of Uganda safari lodges in Kibale national park that will definitely cater for your all your accommodation needs while here. Many of the Uganda hotels in Kibale national park are ranked as luxury, midrange and budget hence making it easy for anyone to find a suitable lodge to stay in regardless of their budget levels. Some of the luxury lodges in Kibale include crater safari lodge, Ndali lodge, Primate lodge Kibale and Kyaninga lodge. If you are interested in midrange lodges in kibale some of the options you should think of include Crater Safari Lodge, Kibale Forest Guest House, Kibale Forest Camp and budget lodges in Kibale include Rweteera Safari Camp, Kibale Guest Cottages, and Kibale Safari Camp.

Know your weather update as you plan to visit Kibale National park

This park encompasses Kibaale forest within its territorial boundaries and as a result, it experiences a variance in climate from tropical rain forest climate experienced by areas covered by the Kibaale forest to tropical savannah climate experienced by areas in the rift valley floor. The annual rainfall amount received in this forest ranges between 1400-1900mm or 55-75 inches throughout the year with most of it received in two periods of double maximum between February- May and between September – December. The humidity levels range between 77-88% every day and this forest acts as a habitat for primates and other mammals, birds and reptiles.

Because Kibale is such a beautiful destination to visit given the various attractions and activities you can do while here, many tour operators in Uganda offer both short Uganda safaris and long Uganda safaris to Kibale. Some of these safaris companies in Uganda that can offer your Uganda tours to Kibale include Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, Wild Gorilla Safaris and many others.

Here are of the Uganda safari Packages organised by these companies to Semulikii and other destinations

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