Uganda Chimpanzee trekking rules in Kibale Forest National Park

>>>>Uganda Chimpanzee trekking rules in Kibale Forest National Park

Uganda Chimpanzee trekking rules in Kibale Forest National Park

A Uganda safari to Kibale’s Forest National Park for Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris is one of the most interesting activities that give you chance to get close to the primates. However before trekking the chimpanzees, their are rules to note. The Chimpanzee trekking rules are pretty much similar to the Uganda gorilla trekking regulations. Chimpanzees are among Africa’ s vulnerable primate species and Kibale National Park is the worl’d primate capital. It has some regulations it put in place to protect the animals’ peace and health during safaris.

Visitors are required to keep a distance of 7 meters when watching the chimpanzees, and flash photography is simply illegal.

Only visitors aged 12 and above are allowed to track the Chimps and all chimpanzee trekkers are required to be in the company of a trained guide when doing this activity.

Chimpanzee trekkers may visit the Chimps in groups of six persons or less, and they are advised to keep their voices as low as possible for a better viewing experience.

Feeding the Chimps with any kind of food is not permitted, and the visitors themselves are not allowed to eat before the primates.

Kibale Forest National Park was once threatened by human encroachment, but today Kibale National Park dazzles with sky hugging trees with over 13 primate species including chimpanzees that have even earned it the title “primate capital.”

On your Chimpanzee trekking Uganda expedition to this 795 square kilometer jungle is nothing less than an amazing time to see how man’s closest cousin survives in this land of extremes.


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